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Arlington Woman Launches Home Fashion Business

Eva Suwak started designing homes last year.


An Arlington mother started her own interior design business after her friends saw her home and said “Can you do that for me?”.

“I thought ‘maybe I have something here,” said Eva Suwak.

And so, Home Fashion by Eva was launched in October of last year. Suwak, who is from Slovakia, grew up watching her father build their own home and she picked up how to work with tools.

“I have a natural interest in how things are made,” Suwak said. “I want to take it apart and put it back together.”

She started out designing a room for a friend’s father and went from there, focusing on small projects and relying on word-of-mouth recommendations for finding new clients.

“It’s not full interior design where I come and design the whole house,” Suwak said. “I help if someone is missing a headboard or they need advice on choosing a fabric for a chair.”

With her background in handy work, she designs the items for clients, taking down her own measurements and installing everything herself.

“I do everything from scratch,” Suwak said.

One of her friends, Jill Lennox, who also lives in Arlington, recently hired Suwak to design her codices and is now asking her to look for area rugs.

“She has a great eye she’s very particular,” Lennox said. “She has a good sense of style and just kind of knows how colors go together and what things look good together.”

Suwak, who is raising twins, speaks five languages and previously had a career in international development and finance, but she said that design was always “her passion.”

“Since I grew up in Europe I have a bit of a European flair,” Suwak said. “I very much like a style that’s modern, but I’m not afraid to mix it with antiques or with old-world furniture.”

I would think that my style is innovative and that people can look at it and think ‘I wouldn’t think I could put this and this together but I like it,’ Suwak said.

Examples of Suwak’s work can be found on her website.

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