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The magic of upholstery

Out with the old, in with the new. No doubt, these older pieces of furniture came back to life with the little magic of upholstery.
The little piano bench, received a new cushion and with the colorful fabric looks like new.

The dining room chairs were fantastic quality, sturdy. Their original vinyl covers were all torn up and the cushions were ripped.
Yes, the upholstery is a very tedious job, detail oriented that requires a lot of patience. But the results are worth it. Check them out in the before and after photos.

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How to upholster an ottoman

Recently I finished an upholstery job of an older ottoman. I photo documented
the process along the way, thinking somebody might find this useful.

This particular ottoman had double cording along its base, and it was originally tufted.
The new fabric, rich in colors, shows better without the tufts.
Making the new double cording was one of the first things I did, after I stripped the fabric down,
After that it was a smooth process to tightly reattach the new fabric and work on the corners.
At last the new cording went back on and the new ottoman is ready to shine.
Do you like it? :)

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Makeover: Two Ottomans and a Chair

When does the upholstery of old furniture make sense? Is it a nostalgic feeling for some old chair from grandma? Did we fall in love with this old chair at the auction, bought it and thought one day it will be reupholstered with the fabric of our choice? Or is the furniture currently stained so bad from the kids that it is becoming embarrassing to keep it in the living room? For these reasons and more, you should consider reupholstering your current furniture to give it new life. The best part is the freedom of fabric choice to match your home decor or give it a brand new makeover for a whole room.

In the photos below, you can see the transformation of two practical ottomans and a stunning wing chair with excellent bone structure.
The chair turned out fantastic with the perfect choice of the chenille fabric and a brand new seat cushion.
The ottomans look like new with the print design. The perfect pieces for a living room makeover.
Check them out!








Twin chairs reupholstered


This old chair was one of the two that needed a makeover to fit a modern looking house for a young family. The small chairs were perfect to use for children too.


The outdated fabric had been ripped by cats.


The small patterned fabric works great with other decor in the room.


And here are the new chairs! Looking quite lovely.
Scroll down for more photos of the chairs.

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Transformation of a chair

When I first saw this chair, it was in desperate need of a makeover. The fabric was all worn out, but the structure was great due to its unusual tall and sleak lines.
I chose a bold color fabric with a big pattern that would show off nicely on this tall chair. And the result is here. I like it, do you?

Here is the old chair.

More angles.