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Indoor/Outdoor cushions



When a friend asked me to make an outdoor cushions for her nice pool area, I was ready for the task. We chose a great outdoor fabric, decided on the piping color, did all the custom measurements on all pool furniture. It included four chaise lounges and two pool reclining chairs. The outdoor fabric was going to unite them all in a beautiful custom design.
For the outdoor foam we used the special Eva-outdoor foam that lets water pass right through and has excellent air circulation. This foam has an exploded open cell construction which allows liquids to flow right through, and humidity to rapidly evaporate, instead of acting like a moisture trapping sponge. To cut the foam, we used electric knife for the exact and clean cut.

Here are a few photos to document the final stage of the project.

2013-10-25 11.48.16

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For the making of the new indoor cushions for these two great club chairs, we followed similar steps and they turned out great. Saving an old piece of furniture with the reupholstery
always feels good.

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Change in the Living room – Before and after

To dress up these two living room windows was quite a challenge for a while for the owner of the house. One window was deeply set with a different length and height then the other one.
I suggested a cornice to cover the height differences and make them equal height. The deeply set window disappeared once the cornice was placed on the outside of it.
The small patterned fabric was chosen to allow further transformation in the room, either in the form of a new furniture or just accessories.

DSC_7010 DSC_7014 DSC_7026 DSC_7019DSC_7028


Window cornices

Here are some more pictures of the window treatments that always make the room complete. With the right choice of fabric they can easily go from elegant to casual or perfect for kids rooms.
Click on the gallery to check them out.

Picture rail

The first time I came across a picture rail was in a magazine article.   I loved it right away. No nails! If you have tons of photos randomly hanged or staged all over your place and who doesn’t really, you might like it too.

All it took was an extra molding, molding hooks and a rope. If you choose a rope that is the same color as a wall color, it will become virtually invisible.

The picture rail makes it easy to add on pictures as your gallery grows. Just an idea….

These two pictures are going to make my gallery of favorite cities in the world.


The Lego table

Is the Lego toy an essential part of the life of your children? If you are flooded with Lego creations you know what I mean. Sometimes I think that it is the best toy in the world, but when I have to pick up the tiniest parts of it, i usually change my mind.  There is never enough space.
Until I looked twice at this old table my boys had since they were little. I bought extra Lego bases at the store and with a little of help by jigsaw and glue, the table was transformed into a generous space for plenty of Lego creations.
And there are fewer pieces on the floor :)