Why Italian design leads the way


A good homemade cappuccino was recently on my mind, one that I could make in the comfort of my home and would preferably take me back to Rome.
Not an easy task, since I believe that the best espresso and cappuccino is made in Sant’Eustachio Caffe in Rome, located right behind the Pantheon.
Yet, I was hopeful and so, the Italian taste and not last the Italian design of the machine were my criteria.
I didn’t have to go very far.
The new Espressamente illy cafes are fairly new to the U.S market and are as unique as each city they are in. The Italian espresso giant opened its first free-standing American Espressamente illy cafe in San Francisco only a year ago. Their attention to design and style is distinctly Italian-illy. And so are their machines. They offer the best of both worlds. Their striking design and the truly Italian taste are combined in illy.
For me the best coffee hands down and so is the Italian design.
The photos speak for themselves.

NM-3EF4_ax illy-machine-francis-francis-y1 francis-x1-espresso-coffee-machine The-Francis-Francis-X1-Limited-Edition-Espresso-Machine-from-Illy illy-espresso-machine gaggia-for-illy_474647 cappuccino-heart-1

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