A different take on the reading nook

It was clear to me from the start that this nook needed more drama since it was such a great space and I wanted to make it quite special for the little girl.
Turning it into the reading nook with a cushion was a done deal, but I thought that a great chandelier would provide the much-needed drama.
I chose window curtains that would sparkle when the chandelier was lit. The nook turned out to be a quite a dazzling place to read a favorite book.


Transformation of a chair

When I first saw this chair, it was in desperate need of a makeover. The fabric was all worn out, but the structure was great due to its unusual tall and sleak lines.
I chose a bold color fabric with a big pattern that would show off nicely on this tall chair. And the result is here. I like it, do you?

Here is the old chair.

More angles.

Curvy kitchens

These sleek, sexy, curvy lines in the kitchens are so attractive. It is a design trend that should endure the timeĀ and become even more popular thanks to the trend towards open – plan living. Wide range of kitchen designers embraced this curvy design. Here is a sample of them.