Window cornices

Here are some more pictures of the window treatments that always make the room complete. With the right choice of fabric they can easily go from elegant to casual or perfect for kids rooms.
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Picture rail

The first time I came across a picture rail was in a magazine article.   I loved it right away. No nails! If you have tons of photos randomly hanged or staged all over your place and who doesn’t really, you might like it too.

All it took was an extra molding, molding hooks and a rope. If you choose a rope that is the same color as a wall color, it will become virtually invisible.

The picture rail makes it easy to add on pictures as your gallery grows. Just an idea….

These two pictures are going to make my gallery of favorite cities in the world.


The Lego table

Is the Lego toy an essential part of the life of your children? If you are flooded with Lego creations you know what I mean. Sometimes I think that it is the best toy in the world, but when I have to pick up the tiniest parts of it, i usually change my mind.  There is never enough space.
Until I looked twice at this old table my boys had since they were little. I bought extra Lego bases at the store and with a little of help by jigsaw and glue, the table was transformed into a generous space for plenty of Lego creations.
And there are fewer pieces on the floor :)


The train room

This was a project from a couple of years back when my twin boys were incurable lovers of all things Thomas the Tank Engine.  And so it was quite natural that when the time came to decorate the room for one of them it was chosen to be a train room. It was a joint effort with my friend, and we combined a mural with decals of the trains. The room was a big hit with the boys, who are having a hard time to part with it, although they said goodbye to Thomas a while ago :(

Here are the pictures.


Making the canopy

Making the canopy was a fun project. I didn’t want to use an old world coronet, but something more playful, more appropriate for a 5 year-old girl. The flowers were perfect, plus their blue color was exactly what we needed for our color pallette. Here are some photos to document the process.

Getting the flowers up and securely into the wall was by far the most challenging part of the whole process. My wonderful handyman came to the rescue.

And here is the final product. Aren’t they lovely?

The Power of Ceiling

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Don’t ever underestimate the power of the ceiling. That is the one blank wall that has a lot to offer and often goes unnoticed.

Here are some great ceilings I have seen in the past month that  speak  volumes.


Making the room for a 5 year old girl

Designing the room for a little girl was a dream come true from a creative point of view. The mom of the little girl was so on board with every suggestion I had and gave me a free hand to be creative.

The little girl came up with her color scheme ; she liked the purple and turquoise colors so we started to work with that. Her new bedding gave us a lot of ideas how to combine the existing colors with new ones. The three new pieces of furniture were custom remade to match the color of the bed.

Here is a before and after slideshow:

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This chandelier is no doubt a star of the room.   Because  we couldn’t place it in the middle of the room due to the much needed fan already occupying the prime spot, it was installed in the nook. The space instantly went glamourous and the sparkly curtains I made for the windows reflected the light on the glitzy sparkles in the dark.

The vanity with the vanity stool was a big hit and I hope it will be useful as the little girl grows. It was one of my treasure finds, and after I gave it a makeover (see the Before & After page) the art deco furniture came alive in full shine.

The beautiful fairy has it own magic;  I liked the sharp contrast of the dark purple fairy decal on the light colored wall. She is sharp:)

The cornices on the window treatments were made in the more classical style with a great modern fabric to complement the purple color scheme in the room.

And here is the final surprise: The canopy with flowers. Read my next post about making the canopy.


Colors and beyond

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If you would ask me where do I find the most of my color inspirations I would tell you in the nature. Some of the most beautiful color palettes are to be found around us. Check out the slideshow.